The Sussex is derived from the original Old Sussex
fowls, bred for their meat and eggs in Victorian times.
The formation of the 1903 Sussex Breed Club led to
further development in colors and varieties, many with
spectacular and beautiful feather patterns. Sussex are
graceful, possessing a long, broad, flat back, tail at an
angle of 45 degrees, fine neat head and a medium sized
single comb. The eyes of the darker colors are red, the
lighter ones, orange, but all colors have red earlobes and
white legs and feet. The breed comes in large and
bantam sizes, with the Light Sussex bantam being by far
the most popular
Listed here are the colors of the Sussex that we currently have.  If
you have never owned the Sussex breed you are in for a real treat!  
They curious and calm in nature and a very friendly breed.
This is a breed that you will absolutely love once you
have owned them!  
The Sussex has become one of my favorite breeds.  
Keep in mind when ordering they are a very large breed of chicken!
A little history on the breed
Light Sussex
Coronation Sussex
The Light Sussex are very distinctive types of
chickens having a white body with a black tail
and black wing tips, neck being white striped
over with black.
Origin of Sussex Chickens
The Sussex chicken was created over a century ago in
the county of Sussex, England.

Size of Sussex Chickens
Cocks should weigh approx 9lbs, and the hens
(females) 7lbs

Temperament of Sussex Chickens
The Sussex chicken is an alert, docile breed that can
adapt to any surrounding, comfortable in both free range
or confined spaces.

Uses of the Sussex
Sussex are dual purpose types of chickens that are
good foragers, and understandably popular in

They (especially the Light Sussex) are good producers
(240 to 260 a year) of large beige eggs.

It is also a good meat bird, maturing quickly for a heavy
breed, and may go broody.
Colors include:
Brown, Buff, Light, Red, Speckled, Silver, White
and Coronation.
Our Sussex originated from diverse lines including
Paul Bradshaw, Grisham, Dingle, and Ron Presley
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Extremely Rare
This is not a typical Sussex egg.  It is the largest
that we have gotten from our Coronation Sussex
to date and we are pretty proud!  - 3.04 oz -
Limited Availability
SOLD OUT for 2011
Purchased by the HOWARD'S &
shown by their grandchildren
2011 Butler Co Fair - 4H got champion large fowl
with the Lights, and
reserve champion over all
the fowl.

Preble Co Fair in 4H, got champion Sussex,
reserve champion English, and in the top 5 over
all fowl with Lights.