2010 Price List
Marans eggs and chicks
Black Copper Marans       -


All our chicks are shipped with GroGel Plus B for a good start!
(A shipping warmer is added if needed)
Eggs are not set in the incubator till payment is received.  
Chicks are shipped in the order the payments were received
and are not shipped until the weather is permitting.
You'll get an email as to your approximate ship date
once we receive  your paid order.  
If you have a date preference please add a note with your PayPal payment
and we will try to accommodate if at all possible.  
Blues and Splash Marans
Our original Goldens were Bill Braden.   Then we introduced Bev Davis and
Wade Jeane
Black Copper Marans.  After selective breeding we created a
wonderful feather shanked Golden Cuckoo Marans with beautiful color and
nice dark eggs!  

Golden Cuckoo Marans -  Feather Shanks         
Shipped Chicks Terms

We are NPIP certified and our flock is disease free and healthy.  We
ship day old chicks only on a  pre-sale basis.  Chicks must be ordered
about 4 weeks in advance,.  Sometimes we will have a surplus and can
put you name on a list for short notice shipping.  Add a note in your
with your payment that you would like to be on that list.

We will include extra chicks in case there are any lost during
shipping.  If you suffer a large loss or damaged box and chicks please
contact us immediately so  can take care of the problem.

Cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation charge.
In the event that we can not fill your order you will
receive a full refund.  
Terms and conditions for hatching eggs.

While our fertility rate is excellent we can not guarantee your
hatch rate due to all the variables with shipped eggs:  
Extreme temperature change (freezing the embryo) ,
Rough handling of the package during shipping (causing                 
damage to the air sack),
X-raying the package by the postal service
Distance the eggs have to travel (the more miles you increase          
the more percentage of hatch you could decrease)
Not to mention the delicate incubation process.

The bottom line is shipped eggs are always risky and we can not
guarantee your hatch rate.  Although we wrap each egg
individually and cushion the inside of the box,  we have no control
over what happens to the eggs once they have bee shipped.

If you are not willing to accept that risk, we suggest ordering
chicks or arrange to pick the eggs up from a local breeder.

We do guarantee your eggs will arrive in good condition.  
We do send extras in case of breakage during shipping.
We do collect the freshest eggs and wrap each one individually
before packaging in a an insulated box (during cold weather).  

It is our aim to see everyone have a fun and enjoyable experience
with their healthy baby chicks!
Rockin G' Ranch
Please read terms and conditions of sale at the bottom of this page prior to ordering
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We now offer 72 hour
shipping warmers for
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Davis and Wade Jeane Bloodlines
*Please Note*
Chick orders are shipping
approximately  4 to 6 weeks
after order is received.
Click for ordering.  You will be directed to another page
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