**PLEASE NOTE**  We currently DO NOT ship chicks to
MN, SD and Hawaii
due to strict state regulations, special permits, red tape, and expense.   
  1. Make your selection from the drop down menu
  2. Adjust the quantity - at least 10 day old chicks total.
 (Under 15 chicks MUST ship Express shipping)
  1. Choose your shipping method above.
  2. Remember vaccines if you want chicks vaccinated
  3. Proceed to the checkout page
Please be sure to list a phone number at checkout, if you miss
that section you must email it to us, we can not ship without it.
Larger orders may require multiple shipments
The Fancy Chick Rare & Heritage Poultry
Shipping dates are never guaranteed

Please remember we are a small farm not a large commercial
hatchery.  Some rare varieties we only have a few pairs to work with.
While we make every attempt to ship on the date we schedule for
you,  sometimes it is necessary to change that date (sometimes
more than once) due to circumstances beyond our control.  
In the event that we need to change your
ship date we will email or call with your new ship date
as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding!
Minimum order  for day old chicks is 10
and can be a variety of any of the chicks we offer.

Our chicks are sold as
day old, straight run.  We do not sex
We would like to think that everyone will get at least 50%
pullets with each order but that
does not always happen.  More
times than not you will get more cockerels than pullets.   
Please be aware of this when you order.

Occasionally we will have started chicks or juveniles that we will list
PLEASE BE AWARE:  If the first three digits of you Zip Code are any of the following please contact your post office and
see if you can receive live chicks by either priority or express.   If you have received them in the past you probably still can.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience!
If you can not receive them, but can give us an alternative address we would love to ship to you!
044, 046, 047, 148, 149, 307, 356-58, 373, 374, 466, 496, 544, 548 556-558, 564, 590-593, 596-599, 620, 622-624, 628-634,
636-639, 648, 650-658, 716-722, 725-729, 740, 741, 743-749, and 821.  
Please read this section BEFORE you purchase
While we pride ourselves with being able to offer some of the most  rare, imported and beautiful birds to our buyers as quickly as
please remember:

Because a lot of these birds are very new to the USA, or project colors, unpredictable traits in future generations are unknown.  While we cull heavily in all
our breeders and strive for show quality, unwanted characteristics can still show up from time to time.
( Characteristics such as unpredictable feather color or pattern,  egg color, size and comb quality, etc.)

We hope you enjoy these rare breeds as much as we do!
Blue Double Laced
Blue Double Laced Hen
When ordering Blue Barnevelders you
will receive Blue,
however,  there is a
possibility of receiving a few Buffs (no
blacks).  If you
DO NOT want Buff Laced
please include a note and we will not
include any Buffs in your order.  

Buff Laced Barnevelder
Blue Double Laced Barnvelders
Gisbrecht's  Imported Orpingtons

Imported Blue Orps
Blue,Black, Splash as hatched

English Lavender

Large Fowl  Chocolate

English Cuckoo Orps

English Lavender Cuckoo
English Buff Orpington
Limit 4 Buffs

English Crele -Legbar Orpington

Delaware Orpington
Gold Laced Black & Blue Orpingtons
as Hatched

Jubilee Orpington

Partridge Orpington

Red Orpington
We are proud members and
in good standing with the
following organizations:
  • For orders over $500 we offer:

  • Free Express Shipping
  • Free Vaccines (Marek's and Coccidia)
(Please read vaccine information prior to ordering)
Black Copper Marans
All Imported birds that we own were imported legally.  We went through all the proper channels, obtained all the proper permits,
health certificates, and customs papers.  This information is public record and can be obtained by requesting it in writing to USDA/APHIS
Once your order is received  you have 48 hours to cancel for a full refund.
A full refund will be given after 48 hours only if  the breed you ordered becomes
permanently unavailable.
We are working with live birds.  We depend on them to lay fertile eggs, then we
depend on those eggs to develop and hatch live chicks.  Occasionally it doesn't
work that way.  Hens stop laying during molt and sometimes for no reason at all.    
PLEASE be patient, we will ship your chicks as soon as they are available.

Mottled Orpington

Black English Orpington