Golden Cuckoo Marans

Cuckoo Marans Cock & Hen

Cuckoo plumage much lighter than that of the hen, with some straw colour highlights *. (Taken from the French
Mainly white in the neck and showing white on the upper breast, also on top. Remainder banded throughout, with a
lighter ground color than the Dark Cuckoo. (Taken from the British Standard)
Fairly dark cuckoo plumage, with a rough pattern and irregular lines; lighter hackles; gray or lightly gray under color.
Mainly white in the neck and showing white on the upper part of the breast. Remainder banded throughout, with a
lighter ground color than the Dark Cuckoo.

General Appearance:

Body :  strong, fairly long and wide especially near the shoulders which are held high.
Neck :   long, fairly strong, tending to curve in on top towards the skull; the hackles are made of many long and
abundant feathers covering the shoulders well
Back :    long, flat, slightly concave towards the rear

Saddle : large, slightly raised but not rounded, covered with many lancets

Breast :  strong and large

Abdomen :  well developed

Wings :  short , kept close to the body

Tail :       strong at its base, quite short, fairly up without going over 45 °

Head :    average size, slightly flat and long

Comb :   simple, of an average size, with a fairly rough texture. Sharp edges. The lobe not touching the nape

Wattles : average size, red with a fine texture

Ear-lobes :  average size, red and long

Face :      red colored with or without down

Eyes :            bright, with a orangey-red iris

Beak :          Quite strong, slightly hooked and horn-colored

Shanks :      big, without vulture hocks
Tarsi :          average size, with some feathers white or lightly pink colored for all the varieties except for the BLACK,
BROWN-RED and BIRCHEN Marans were gray or dark gray is permitted, although not preferred, for both sexes. Four
long and well separated toes with the outer one sparsely feathered. The claws are white or horn- colored.

Smaller than the cock, with a large, strong and more rounded body, a straighter back line, a well developed abdomen ,
and a fine comb, straight or inclined only in the rear part.
Our current Goldens blood lines include Bill Braden, Wade Jeane and Davis
(We used Black Coppers in one phase of our project for color,  egg darkness and leg feathering hence the blood lines above)
Golden Cuckoos can be a variety of shades.   You could get from silver to very dark golden.   Ours
are producing nicely, true to color and feather shanks.    Although ours all have feather shanks
there is aways a possibility  of hatching chicks with clean legs.
Cuckoo Cockerel
Cuckoo pullet

OUR GOLDEN CUCKOO MARANS lay some of the darkest
eggs we have found yet from Goldens.  They compare very
closely with our Black Coppers and Birchens.
Offered to the public through the poultry part of our farm
We have worked long and hard on this variety of Marans  and were one of the first to introduce the
French Golden Cuckoo Marans here in the states.   Our beautiful line of Golden Cuckoos all have feather
shanks with phenomenal color  and lay some of the darkest eggs around!!

If you are also working on this breed we would love to hear from you,  compare notes, pictures or both. ☺
All of our Goldens
have feather shanks
Golden Cuckoos
Golden Cuckoos early in the
creation phase
Because these birds are so difficult to find, we are proud to announce we are working on a
second unrelated line for gene diversity!!  We have selected top quality Marans as our foundation
for this line. We are hoping to be able to offer our newest bloodline to the public next year!
This variety is not available
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