Large Fowl Chocolate Orpingtons
Chocolate Orpingtons

Breed Characteristics

Classification: Heavy: Soft feather
Egg Colour:Slightly tinted
General Characteristics: Male
Carriage: Bold, upright and graceful, an active bird.
Type: Body is deep, broad and cobby. Back is nicely curved with a sharp and concave outline. Saddle is wide and slightly rising with a full hackle. Breast is deep and
well rounded. Wings are small, nicely formed and carried closely to the body. The ends of the wings are almost hidden by the saddle hackle. Tail is short, compact,
flowing and high but not a squirrel tail.
Head: Small and neat, fairly full over the eyes. Beak is strong and curved. Large bold eyes. Single, small comb firmly set on the head. Comb is evenly serrated and
free of side sprigs. Face is smooth. Wattles are of a medium length being oblong in shape and nicely rounded at the bottom. Ear-lobes are small and elongated.
Neck: Medium in length, curved and compact with a full hackle.
Legs & Feet: Legs are short and strong. Thighs are almost hidden by the body feathers and are set well apart. Four straight and well spread toes.
Plumage: Fairly profuse but close and not soft, loose or fluffy and in the Cochin or close and hard as in the Game Fowl.

General Characteristics: Female
The general characteristics are similar to the male except that her cushion should be wide and almost flat and slightly rising to the tail.
Colour: Chocolate brown all over. Beak is brown, eyes are either dark brown. Comb, face, wattles and ear-lobes are bright red. Legs and feet are pale.

The Chocolate gene is a sex linked recessive mutant gene, so the females cannot hide the gene.
If they possess the choc gene, they will be Chocolate. Males, however can be carriers and require two copies
to be visually Chocolate.
Information on how the genetics work:

Pure Chocolate cockerel x Pure Chocolate hen = Gives 100% Chocolates (male and female).

Pure Chocolate cockerel x Pure Black hen = 50% black male (spilt blacks) with chocolate gene and 50%
chocolate hens.

Pure Black cockerel x Pure Chocolate hen = Gives ALL Black Offspring, but the Males (split blacks) with
Chocolate gene, Hens will be pure black.

Split Black cockerel (carrying chocolate gene) x Pure Chocolate hen = Gives 50% Pure Chocolates
(males and females) and 25% Black split males (carrying Choc gene) 25% Pure Black females.

Split Black cockerel (carrying Chocolate gene) x Black hen = Gives 25% Pure black cockerels, 25%
Black split males (unable to tell which males have the gene), 25% Pure black females, 25% Pure Chocolate